Components: General Text & Images

The basics: components that allow for general text and images to be placed on a page. Many of these components come default with Web Pro Manager.


Simple Text

Adds a space to enter in any text content or HTML with an optional linked image to another page.

Title with Subtitle

Adds a simple page title with a subtitle underneath.

Feature Text

Just like a simple text component, giving you space to enter in any text content, but styled differently.

Expandable Text

Drop in an expandable/collapsible text box.

Stacking Box

Same as a Simple Text component, but can be used to box up the content and stack it.

Simple Image

Adds an image of any size from the image library. Optionally, choose a Page to link to when the image is clicked.

Header Image

Adds an image header to your page.

Text + Image

Drop this on a page to add a 2-column Component with an image on the left, and any content you choose on the right.

Text + Image with Subtitle

Drop this on a page to add a 2-column Component with an image, and any content you choose in the other column.

Image Gallery

Grabs images from any image library and displays them in a gallery.

Image Slideshow

Grabs images from any image library and displays them in a slideshow.


Components: Navigation

These components allow for visitors to your site to move from page to page or to download files from a list of pages/documents.


Basic Nav Box

Choose any folder and build a basic navigation from it.

PDF Nav Box

Choose any one Section and build a navigation from it with a PDF icon next to each item.


Components: Forms & Visitor Interaction

These components give your visitor's the chance to send you an email via a form or submit a comment through your website.


Contact Form

Adds a simple contact form with fields for subject, name, phone number and comments. This form comes with built-in error handling and email management.

Disqus Comment Box

Adds a full-featured comment area from  Recommended to be placed at the bottom of pages.

Website User Login Form

Adds a login form for all website users or users of specific types. This form comes with built-in error handling and form management.

Website Editor Login Form

Adds a login form for your website editors that allows an administrator or editor to login directly from your website.


Components: Social Plug-Ins

These components allow your site and it's visitors to connect to and interact with social networks.


Facebook Comments

The Comments box lets people comment on content on your site using their Facebook profile and shows this activity to their friends in news feed. It also contains built-in moderation tools and special social relevance ranking.

Facebook Like for Page

The Like button is the quickest way for people to share content with their friends. Clicking on the Like button will 'like' your page and share it on Facebook. Show a Share button to let people add a personal message and customize who they share with.

Pinterest Profile Gallery

Show up to 30 of your latest Pins in a customizable gallery of images.


Components: Calendars

Utilities that allow addition of basic or advanced calendering to your Web Pro Manager pages.



Adds a full-size calendar displaying the current month. Calendar created by WebCalendar.


Components: Speciality

Utilities that fit in specialized sites geared toward a specific audience.


Hotel Amenity Icons

Drop this on a page to add a customizable list of amenities available for a hotel or a specific hotel room.



Web Pro Manager

How to Install a Component

Just upload the component files into your main "comp" folder.
Web Pro Manager will automatically detect and install it when you visit any component-related area.

Component Customization

To create language-specific customizations to this component, copy the component's HTML template file to a language-specific component folder (e.g. "comp/es/").  You can have as many language-specific template files as you need for any component.
To customize the look of this component under any theme, copy the component HTML template file from the main "comp" directory in the root of your WPM installation (e.g. "comp/simpletext.html") to the "comp" folder of the theme (e.g. "tmpl/{theme}/comp/simpletext.html") and edit it as needed.

What is Web Pro Manager?

Web Pro Manager is a powerful and easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) for websites which is accessible wherever you can access the Internet and allows you to manage and make changes to your website in a simple interface.  Web Pro Manager is designed with a very low learning curve and can be easily picked up and used by almost anybody with basic computer skills.  Find out more about Web Pro Manager website management system.


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